Music moved me at a very young age. It started with playing 45s on my fathers and grandfathers record players. 50s great Little Richard, Chubby Checker, Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc... I played trumpet in elementary school band starting in 4th grade while taking piano lessons. In 9th grade life got harder, the piano went away. Band in my new neighborhood wasn't the same. I got kicked out of school in 10th grade and the old hippies in my neighborhood sat out out in a field playing guitars. My step-brother had a junker Sears and Roebuck acoustic under his bed I took it down to Comers Field and learned some basics. My piano and trumpet training made me pick up guitar pretty quick. Fast forward years later and here I am playing guitar and bass professionally in the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX.

My longtime band, Bakersfield TX continues to thrive. I joined the Michael Monroe Goodman Band in June 2024 as an upright bass player and always looking for opportunities to play music on stage with great players. 

Contact me if you need music at your venue or event, solo, duo, trio, full band.

Voice/text: 512.293.3968


7/3 WED 9-12  Michael Goodman @ Broken Spoke

7/5 FRI 5-8pm  Bakersfield TX DUO @ Mama Dearest
7/6 SAT 6-8  Bakersfield TX DUO @ Broken Spoke

7/12 FRI 8:3012:30am  Bakersfield TX @ Giddy Ups

7/13 SAT 2-6pm  Bakersfield TX @ Private Wedding
7/18 THU 6-8  Bakersfield TX @ Little Longhorn Saloon
7/21 SUN 4-7am  Bakersfield TX @ Poodies Roadhouse

7/24 WED 9-12  Bakersfield TX @ Broken Spoke
7/26 FRI 7-10pManny (Roadie) @ Cavalry Court
8/1 THU 7-10  Bakersfield TX @ Crossroads Steakhouse & Saloon

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