I moved to Austin in the mid 1990s and visited here several times in the 80s. I've always fit in here for the things that make Austin what it is. I'm a hippie, a musician, a dancer and a normal traditional adult lifestyle never appealed to me. I got here as quick as I could and I'm not leaving. 

I've worked hard to justify in my mind playing music here, country music. My main band, Bakersfield TX continues to thrive and other projects are in the works. Playing bass the past year and recently purchased an upright bass and am starting to gig with it. Have also learned to build Telecasters, or at least take them apart. 

Contact me if you need music at your venue or event, solo, duo, trio, full band.

Voice/text: 512.293.3968
Email: MikeTrimbleMusic@gmail.com
Website: MikeTrimbleMusic.com
Social: facebook.com/MikeTrimbleMusic


6/8 SAT 6-9pm  Bakersfield TX DUO @ Mama Dearest

6/9 SUN 4-7pm  Bakersfield TX @ Poodies

6/12 WED 8–11pm  Bakersfield TX @ Little Longhorn

6/14 FRI 8:30 – 12:30am  Bakersfield TX @ Giddy Ups

6/15 SAT 7-10pm  Bakersfield TX @ Riley's Tavern

6/21 FRI 6–9pm  Bakersfield TX @ Fair Oaks Ranch Golf Club

6/22 SAT 2-6pm  Bakersfield TX @ YeeHaw Saloon

6/30 SUN 7-10pm  Bakersfield TX @ Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse

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