My wife, Amanda Marks-Trimble and I moved here together in 1997. We fell in love with Austin through dancing, we learned tor dance here and in so doing found out about the amazing live music scene in Austin, particularly country music in honky tonks and dance halls. Austin STILL IS the live music capital of the world. We still dance regularly and I play in bands. This is our life. 

About my bands, longtime band Bakersfield TX continues to thrive playing in and around Austin. I front a band called TREB & the TroubleMakers and play guitar in a band called Kings of the Road, a Roger Miller tribute band. Three country bands totally different from each other. Contact me if you need music at your venue or event, solo, duo, trio, full band.

Voice/text: 512.293.3968


3/2 SAT 3:30-5:30  Bakersfield TX @ Mama Dearest

3/6 WED 8–11pm  TREB & the TroubleMakers @ Little Longhorn

3/8 FRI 1–5pm  Bakersfield TX @ Luckenbach

3/8 FRI 8:30 – 12:30am  Bakersfield TX @ Giddy Ups

3/10 SUN 7-10  Bakersfield TX @ Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse

3/13 WED 9–12  Bakersfield TX @ Broken Spoke

3/14 THU ??  Bakersfield TX @ Giddy Ups

3/16 SAT 5-8pm  Bakersfield TX @ Desert Door Distillery

3/20 WED 8–11pm  Bakersfield TX @ Little Longhorn

3/23 SAT 4–7pm  Bakersfield TX @ Bangers

3/28 THU 7–10pm  Bakersfield TX @ Cavalry Court DUO

3/29 FRI 6–8pm  Bakersfield TX @ Little Longhorn

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